Ex Machina

A friend just saw this and I went back to the blog I wrote about it back when I saw it in theaters contemplating “the self is organized around goals”. And I realized that having “be like Jesus” as a goal isn’t the point.  “doing for others what Jesus would do” is.  This is huge.  Trying to be better is kind of selfish, and dependent on a hopelessly inaccurate self concept.

The bad news?  I’m only understanding this at 45, almost 46.  To realize where to start.  But I think it begins to untie the organization knot.  Being like Jesus, I only have to consider whether I personally need my life to be more orderly.  Doing what Jesus would for others, I see that my children need an orderly environment and an industrious example.

It also means it doesn’t matter whether the Lord in scripture is Jehovah, Elohim, or someone else, because the point is not the creator but the created (and not me, but who I build up).  I think the Lord does not ruminate on our shortcomings, but delights in our progress, like I do with my special needs kids.


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